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Walter Patijn
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Frank Lauwers
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Frank Lauwers


Frank Lauwers (born1962) is an engineer through and through.
He has a strong eye for details, thinks strategically and is always alert to new opportunities and possibilities for his clients. He is enthusiastic about new projects and particularly the complexity of international projects. He has more than 30 years of experience in all kinds of project management. Frank is particularly good in listening and takes a genuine interest in people and their environment. Every project requires its own approach.

Frank studied construction engineering, master in real-estate and building-project management. He assisted in the feasibility studies and development of many construction projects, both small and large, one more complex than the other. The ever-increasing complexity of project financing has encouraged collaboration with Walter Patijn, which resulted in the establishment of Lauwco in 2017.

Walter Patijn


Walter Patijn (born 1959), after more than 35 years of (private) banking experience, is fascinated by the fact that every person and every project is different from others. The fact that people and projects are unique means that they all need a unique approach, which they no longer experience at most banks.

After completing his education, supplemented with 3 years of professional military services, Walter grew up as a banker within ABN Amro. He acquired national and international Private Banking skills at Van Lanschot Bankiers and Merrill Lynch, among others. Today he is full-time there for his clients, driven by the intense and complementary collaboration with Frank Lauwers within Lauwco.

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