The state of the planet is serious!


How close are we to a climate catastrophe?


It is now time to change humanity's relationship with nature - and with eachother.


"It is time to push the green button"

- António Guterres

What it means

  • Reduce waste (less visual polution – less emissions)

  • Using technologies without co2 creation

  • Using almost energy neutral technologies

Our goal

  • Create a better future for you and our children

  • We are comitted to ensure the future of the environment in which we live

LAUPAT INDUSTRIES offers you a unique opportunity to help the world to recover from the damage that has been done to her.

You can help the world by investing in our innovative projects. Besides the fact that you will help the world to recover, you will also generate a surprisingly good return.


  • Participating in the circular economy

  • Working on sustainability

  • Zero CO2 emissions

Projects/technologies to be implemented worldwide

Preventing waste from causing visual pollution and high emissions

Convert waste almost energy neutrally into new valuable raw materials, without co2 emissions