Photography of Factory

Industrial Revolution

The current linear economic model really took off after the industrial revolution and created the concept of mass production. It brought about economic growth, increased prosperity, technological and social innovation as well as raised the standard of living for an important (privileged?) part of the people on our planet.

Worm's View Photography of Trees

However, the consequences of this linear production process are becoming increasingly clear.

Our planet can no longer bear this.

The challenges of moving from a linear to a circular economy – where all materials are reintroduced into the system without depending on the consumption of finite resources – must be met now to ensure that economic, social prosperity, environment and care no longer are opposites.

Frank Lauwers and Walter Patijn, the initiators of this innovative recycling project, have been in contact for several years to invest time and resources in a technology that creates added value for our society.

Frank Lauwers


Walter Patijn


“It is our mission to put an economically healthy circular model in EUROPE in which prosperity and care go hand in hand”.