NEWS-FLASH 2022-11-08


Engineering association “ie-net” organizes eFFECT4 “Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality for Industry and Society” consisting of 4 sessions with lectures and a company visit

On November 8, 2022, session 2 was organized with the theme  “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR CARBON CHEMISTRY” 

This session started with an extensive guided visit to the site of  “TotalEnergies” followed by the following lectures:

  • “TACoil” converting plastic waste into oil 
  • “VITO’s upscaling trajectory for the production of lignin-based  bio-aomatics – how to bridge the gap between lab and pre commercial scale? 
  • “LAUPAT INDUSTRIES” innovation to create a better future – converting ELT’s into new valuable raw materials 

“LAUPAT INDUSTRIES” was therefore delighted to receive several congratulations after a rather technical lecture given by Frank Lauwers for both the presentation and the initiative of our project.