Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

LAUPAT INDUSTRIES offers you a unique opportunity to help the world to recover from the damage that has been done to her. You can help the world by investing in our innovative projects. Besides the fact that you will help the world to recover, you will also generate a surprisingly good return.


By actually participating in the CIRCULAR ECONOMY we sell SUSTAINABILITY which has a greater value than the financial profit.


Is guaranteed by our partnership with our technology developers / producers and the use of high quality installations and materials.


Thanks to the need to find a SUSTAINABLE solution for the mountains of waste as well as thanks to the high quality end-products, this sustainable project is profitable from the start.

The markets for End of Life Tires (ELT’s) and non-mechanically recyclable plastics have always been problematic and caused a lot of pollution, such as CO2 emissions.

Due to pressure from the EU, we are seeing a turnaround and a gap in the market, to which our technologies are responding perfectly.
ELT’s and non-mechanically recyclable plastics are converted into “green oil”, “carbon black” and “steel”; this according to our technologies, without CO2 emissions and almost energy neutral.

LAUPAT INDUSTRIES is already at an advanced stage of negotiations with various multinationals for the supply of feedstock and the purchase of our end products and thus also participating in the circular economy.

Following a first site in Germany, we want to roll out our technologies Worldwide and start building and operating a site for ELT’s in the PORT of ANTWERP.

At each industrial LAUPAT INDUSTRIES site, 15.000 Tonnes (1.500.000 Tires) are converted into 5.600.000 kg “GREEN OIL”, 7.000.000 kg “CARBON BLACK” and 3.000.000 kg “97% pure STEEL” on an annual basis.

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